Star Command flying onto the iOS App Store on May 2, Android version imminent


Prepare your smartphones and tablets for a ton of explosive fun. Space simulation and ship management game Star Command, something destined to take its place as #1 on the App Store and Play store, is hitting iOS on May 2 with an Android release shortly after that.

The trailer (video below) says that the game will be available on all iOS platforms: the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The game will also release on Android, but it is very unlikely that it will reach every Android device due to the many versions of the software out there (e.g. Android 1.5, Android 2.3, Android 4.0, etc).

Star Command is very similar to Faster Than Light, a game that not long ago released on Steam. The game does have some differentiating features though, such as being able to build your own starship, which was something that felt very limited in Faster Than Light. Players will be able to hand-pick a crew, fly off into space, and battle the hostile aliens, which is where the fun begins.

Also, something to keep in mind is that Star Command may not launch on May 2, as the developer, War Balloon Games, can’t entirely control when it’ll launch. The game has to go through Apple’s approval process to make it on the iOS App Store, and that takes an unprecedented amount of time on the basis that there are no bugs or certain features that delay the game from getting on the App Store.

If you’re into explosions, aliens and spaceships, this game might just peak your interest. Be sure to check back with StudentNewsIE, as we’ll let everyone know when Star Command official launches.

source: Polygon