Facebook Home Launch Was Copied From Windows Phone Event, Says Microsoft

Facebook Home LaunchA high-ranking Microsoft official accused Facebook of copying the concept of their Windows Phone Launch when the social-networking giant unveiled their “Home” software.

In a statement that was posted on the official TechNet blog, Microsoft vice president of corporate communications Frank X. Shaw said that the Facebook Home launch event was significantly similar to their Windows Phone launch event two years ago.

Shaw accused Facebook of copying the concept of having a “people-centric” approach on smartphones or the idea of putting more emphasis on people instead of applications on the home screens of smartphones.

Shaw said: “When we sat down with a blank sheet of paper and designed Windows Phone, we put three words on the wall to guide the team: Put People First. Those three words were chosen around a pretty powerful but simple insight: People are more important than apps, so phones should be designed around you and the people you care about, not the apps you might use to reach them.”

During the Facebook Home launch event last Thursday at the Menlo Park, Mark Zuckerberg said: “Why do we need to go into those apps in the first place to see what’s going on with those we care about? We want to bring all this content to the front.”

In ending his written jab against Facebook, Shaw sarcastically praised the social-networking giant company for copying Microsoft idea and applying it to the Android operating system, which he said is in dire need of a human touch. He ended his statement by saying that using a Windows Phone will let consumers feel more at home instead of Facebook’s newly-launched software.

“We understand why Facebook would want to find a way to bring similar functionality to a platform that is sadly lacking it. So, while we applaud Facebook for working to give some Android owners a taste of what a “people-centric” phone can be like, we’d humbly like to suggest that you get the real thing, and simply upgrade to a Windows Phone,” Shaw added.