The best gambling apps revealed


The advent of online gambling has taken the industry completely by storm. No one could ever predict how enormously successful it would be. This has happened for of a number of reasons, the foremost being the increased accessibility and ease with which people can now gamble.

All you have to do is log onto one of the many sites that offer gambling, like This article lists out what we think the best gambling apps out there are.

Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker is now the largest poker website in the world, with a staggering 38 million members playing. Available across Facebook, Android, iPhone, MySpace and Google+, it allows players to simulate social gaming online.

The mobile version of the game is available in over 18 languages and the format and gameplay is very similar to most online poker sites. Zynga offers a wide range of types of poker games, and its integration with Facebook has only increased its popularity.

#1 Reel Deal Slots Club

This app goes beyond the normal slots apps by offering much more than just playing slots. In addition to slot machines, there are also fruit machines as well as poker machines, along with providing the player with detailed statistics of their performance and progress.

There are social media plug-ins available too, allowing you to do tournaments with your online friends.


bwin was one of the first gambling apps to get licensed to allow iPhone users to play for real money. It has speedily grown to a sizeable corporation since then, offering betting on sports, poker games and other casino games as well.

bwin also offers over 60 ‘soft’ games on top of those mentioned above. Following US legislation changes, they are no longer allowed to operate in the USA, which led to some losses. However, they have recently opened up for business in France.

Bullet Poker

When you first load up Bullet Poker, you will be asked to use the slot machine to see if you can win a daily gift, which can be converted to money to play the game with. You are then treated to the options of playing ‘7 Poker’ or ‘Hold ‘Em’.

The game has a very good, easy-to-navigate layout, which makes it great for first-timers. You can also adjust the sound, vibration and speed settings, making it one of the only gambling apps to be fully customisable. It’s still advised that you have a bit of gambling know-how before you play.