Tablets That Are The Easiest To Repair

iFixit Surface Pro

Tablets, as for that matter most smartphones as well, these days come with sealed batteries, which means once the battery goes dry the device has to be completely replaced. Agreed that devices get updated so often that a person does not stick with a single device for more than a year or two, for which time the battery issue does not arise. However, there are people who do not have the tendency to replace their device too often. And its not just the issue of batteries here. The issue is about repairability. The most common problem faced is that of a broken screen. Again, most consumers will tend to get the device replaced completely rather than getting it repaired. But that’s completely understandable, considering how expensive it is to get the device repaired by the manufacturer.

There are however, those who believe in sorting out the problems themselves. Those who belong to the DIY community and help comes to these people from the internet and from sites such as iFixit. The website is that one single place where one can get all the information regarding how to repair a device. iFixit is also know for its teardown tests that it performs on any new device that hits the market. Also, taking into consideration how difficult or easy the device is to take apart and repair iFixit rates the devices.

iFixit has now gone ahead and made it a tad easier for everyone to know how easy a tablet is to repair. The tablet that is easiest to repair scores 10 on the chart, while the device that is the hardest to repair gets marked down the lower order. The list compiled by iFixit ranks 18 tablets based on their repairability and also points out the positives and negatives about the tablet.

Topping the list is Dell XPS 10 Windows 8 tablet with a score of 9. The XPS 10 has been noted as being easy to open and having colour coded screws. Incidentally, the tablet that with the least score is also a Windows 8 tablet. The Microsoft Surface Pro with a repairability score of just 1. iFixit notes Surface Pro has been put together with plenty of glue and its difficult to take it apart without damaging the display cables. Interestingly, Surface RT scores 4.

Meanwhile, iPads, from the second generation till the iPad mini all score poorly, with a score of 2. iPad 1 on the other hand scores 6.

Google’s Nexus 7 gets 7, with the only problem being the LCD, which is stuck to the glass. Nexus 10 comes in at number 6 as well.

You can check out the complete list from the following link.


Source: iFixit