New Chrome Beta for Android reduces data usage by half

Chrome Beta for Android v26 data compression

If you use Google Chrome for Android on your smart phone or tablet, here is a good news that you will love for sure. The Chrome Beta app for Android got an update yesterday and there are some really good features with this release. One among them is the ability to compress the data that we are using on Chrome. This will definitely decrease our data usage to a certain extent. And according to the search engine giant, the data usage can be reduced to as much as 50 per cent.

The new update comes with Chrome Beta for Android version 26 or higher only. So what exactly is this new feature? Well, Google has added its own proxy server in between the Chrome Beta browser on our Android smart phones or tablets, and the actual internet. So whatever requests we send from our Android devices, they will first go to the Google proxy server. The server will convert the data received into the actual HTTP format and then send it across to the internet.

When the Google proxy server gets the reply from the internet, it will compress it again and send it back to the Android device that had requested for the data. So each and every bit of information that is sent or received on Chrome Beta for Android will go through the Google proxy server. But this is not yet a stable version or the release of the feature. So this is disabled in the app by default.

If you want to enable this data compression feature and save some data, you will have to visit chrome://flags on the Chrome Beta app on your Android device and then enable data compression. And to know how much data you have saved using this data compression technology, you have to visit chrome://net-internals and then select Bandwidth. If you are interested, you can download Chrome Beta for your Android device for free from the Android Play Store over here.

Source: Android Authority