HTC says it doesn’t like widgets


HTC released its latest jewel to the tech world at a private event which was held a few days back, and the company has done a very good job with the One. But as Chase Bonar of Phone Dog has reported, a new blog post by Assistant Vice President of HTC’s User Experience Drew Bamford, tells us what the company has actually tried to do with the new flagship smart phone. Basically, the company has researched how consumers use their smart phones and how the Taiwanese manufacturer has changed its idea of smart phone to match both parties’ views.

We have the new Blink Feed on the HTC One, which is a part of the company’s latest version of the custom user interface overlay, the HTC Sense 5. The new Sense 5 brings a lot of changes to the table when compared to its previous version, it was about time. But why this drastic change? Well, that is because Bamford has found out that consumers do not really care about widgets. This is the point around which the whole Sense 5 revolves.

Bamford claims to have detected three patterns or trends in which consumers use their smart phones. The first trend is that most people do not differentiate much about widgets and apps. This is true for me. I do not like keeping a lot of widgets on my home screens. I actually have a clock widget on the home screen, and that’s it. Rest all is just app icons. I would rather open the Foursquare app to check in instead of doing it from a widget, which then opens up the app itself.

The second pattern is that widgets are not widely used. That is true. Clock, weather, music, and calendar are the only widgets which people use widely. All other widgets are not at all noticed. So what’s the point in having them? But still, the HTC One offers many.

The third trend that Bamford talks about is that most people do not customize their home screens at all, and most people means about 80%. I have a strong no for this one. Whenever I get a new smart phone or install a new ROM on my smart phones, the first thing I do is customize the home screen to look and feel like exactly how I want it.

Anyway, keeping all these things in mind, the company has come up with the new HTC Sense 5. Do you agree with these results of the research that the company has done? Or do you have some of your own points to add to this? Let us know in the comments. And more info about this is at the source link.

Source: Phone Dog