Facebook News Feed Turns Into Personal Newspaper

New Facebook News FeedFacebook unveiled the updated version of their news feed that was revamped to focus on photos that could also boost its appeal not only to users but also to different advertisers.

Facebook co-founder Mack Zuckerberg led the unveiling of the new News Feed that was described as a “personal newspaper” that would feature news – both personal and global – and of course status updates of friends.

Zuckerberg said: “I think there is a special place in the world for this sort of personalized newspaper. It should have a front page and top news section or let you drill down into any topic you want.”

“Back when we started News Feed it as primarily made up of text. Now that we all have cameras in our pockets, in our phones, the majority of this content is photos. Of course we all want to share with our friends, but we want updates from our favorite publications, artist, world leaders and more. This is the evolving face of News Feed.”

The new Facebook News Feed that will now focus on “bright and beautiful” stories could be controlled by the users based on their interest.

Facebook technical lead Chris Struhar said that if user follows a certain news website, he or she can tune it to the News Feed, then the News Feed will automatically display trending or top shared news stories. And if the user is a music lover, then he will automatically receive updates about his favorite bands, songs, or artists.

Struhar said: “We’ve spent a lot of time talking to the people who use News Feed every day. They want more choice and more control over stories they are seeing on their home pages.”

Facebook has already began rolling out the new News Feed for desktop or laptop users and will be released soon for smartphones and tablets through an update application in the next few weeks.