Date bug in Windows Phone 8 discovered

Windows Phone 8 Date  Issue

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user and have been experiencing some issues with the apps on your smart phone or a few days now, you would be happy to know that you are not the only one with the issue. This issue, apparently, is because of a bug in the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system and this started 7 days ago, on the 1st of March. This is because the apps are not able to get the local time from the smart phone and adjust their apps properly, without any modification to the code.

The other problem here is that the first issue, which was related to the date, was found only in some regions of the world, and not everywhere. Some of the regions affected are Italy, South Africa, and others. The app developers have to update their apps to make this issue go away. But that will take time as all the developers in the world who have their apps running on Windows Phone 8 will have to edit their apps and release the update.

Instead of this, you can just make one little change on your smart phone and forget about the issue. Yes, there is a workaround for this, but this is not the correct solution. The Windows Phone 8 development team over at Microsoft needs to provide the proper update to the platform to stop users running into such troubles. But that again is going to change some time.

Windows Phone Central says, “you can workaround this bug by going to your phone’s settings screen and changing your regional format setting to another option. That setting is under “language+region” if you’re struggling to find it. Note that you may need to restart your phone for this to take effect.”

So, is the issue addressed on your smart phone now?

Source: WP Central