Vodafone UK suggests customers not to update to iOS 6.1

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If you are a Vodafone UK customer, you would have received an SMS from the wireless carrier asking you not to update to the iOS 6.1 update that Apple recently seeded to all its iPhone users. Well, the SMS was sent after a few days of Apple releasing the update. So I guess some of you have already updated to the latest operating system. But why is Vodafone asking its customers not to update? Well, apparently, there are some 3G issues. So Vodafone says, “hold off for the next version while Apple fixes 3G performance issues.”

Not just 3G performance issues, but there have been reports on the internet which say that users are facing call dropouts, network related problems, and other issues after updating to the iOS 6.1 update. Vodafone is counting on the Cupertino tech giant to address the issue and is resting the case.

The wireless carrier also says that the Cupertino based iPhone manufacturer will soon another update, the iOS 6.1.1, to address these issues. Actually, the first beta of this new version of the mobile operating system has already been sent out to developers this week. So you should be expecting some good news very soon. If you can hold on to the old iOS 6.0 till then, it would be really good.

There have been no other such reports from anywhere in the world indicating network issues or any other issue for that matter. So is there a problem with the infrastructure of Vodafone UK? Or is it really Apple’s problem? We do not know for sure.

But if you have already updated to the iOS 6.1 version not being able to control the urge, you will have to either jailbreak your smart phone and downgrade to an earlier version of the operating system, or you will have to stick with the bugs for now. The iOS 6.1.1 update to the operating system may be released anytime now. So hang on.

Source: TUAW