Tim Cook says $8 billion paid out to developers

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If you are a mobile app developer, you would have come across the painful decision making stage in which you decide which platform to write apps for. That is a very hard decision to make. There are four to five mobile platforms for which you can write an app. And there are many advantages and disadvantages of writing apps on all of them.

Out of all the factors which affect this decision, money plays an important role, that is to say, how much money will you be able to make by selling your app on that platform. So, by default, the platform you choose needs to be very popular and must have a lot of users would wide, or at least in the region you plan to release your app in.

Yesterday, Apple made an announcement that is going to attract a lot of developers towards its iOS platform, and that announcement has too many zeros in it, literally. The company has just announced that Apple’s App Store has generated eight billion dollars for developers. Yes, a lot of zeros. But actually, 30 per cent of that goes to Apple, so the company has made about 3.5 billion dollars just by selling apps that have not even been developed by the company. That is like easy money. Imagine how many iPhones and iPads the company will have to sell to turn in that much money as profit.

This announcement will attract a lot of developers. Android, which is the second largest mobile app market, has a lot of malware and only a small per cent of people on Android will to spend money on apps. So it is not really a great revenue generator. Windows Mobile’s marketplace is just not mature enough. And BlackBerry 10’s App World is still very young to predict its future. So by default, a lot of developers will choose the Cupertino tech giant’s iOS platform. Nice move, Apple.

Source: Forbes