The new $10,000 Android smartphone from Vertu

Vertu TI Android smart phone

If you are into luxury smart phones, you would have heard of the company Vertu. The company was a division of Nokia once and to raise some money, the Finnish smart phone manufacturer sold its luxury smart phone manufacturing division to the Swedish private equity firm EQT for about a 100 million Euros. Now, Vertu works by itself, but Nokia still has a 10% stake in Vertu, without any operational control of any sort.

Coming back to Vertu, the company has released a new luxury smart phone which is running Google’s Android operating system, Android 4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwich, to be more specific. Till now, the company used Nokia’s dead Symbian platform. Even though Nokia has chosen Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform for its own smart phones, it sees no reason to comment on Vertu’s choice of platform. A Nokia spokesman said “it wouldn’t be appropriate for Nokia to comment on the company’s strategy.”

So, the Vertu TI, the new smart phone in question, is encased by titanium, polished black ceramic and black leather. It also runs a few of Google’s apps for Android, including the suit of location services. By the looks of it, the smart phone is definitely a prestige statement. And the most affordable, or the low end version, of the Vertu TI will set you back by $10,000. The company sells a lot of such luxury smart phones to the wealthy elite in Russia, China and the Persian Gulf.

And when you buy one of these smart phones, you not only get a really high priced smart phone, but you also get a new life, the Vertu Life. The company runs a range of personal services for its customers, including bookings and recommendations. And if you are living in one of the major cities of the world, you will also get to enjoy the facilities at the Vertu members’ club.

Source: Wall Street Journal