Sony’s My Xperia helps you in finding your lost phone, like Apple’s Find My iPhone

Sony My Xperia Service

If you are an Apple iPhone user, you would know that your smart phone has an option, or a feature, using which you can find it, or track it, if you lose it or if it has been stolen. And yes, I am indeed talking about the Find my iPhone feature. But if you thought that was an Apple exclusive feature, you are wrong. Welcome My Xperia, Sony’s answer to Find My iPhone.

Yes, the company has announced that it has been building its own solution to finding or tracking lost and stolen Sony Android smart phones. The My Xperia service will be able to do a lot of things if you wish to use it. You will be able to get the latitude and longitudinal coordinates of your smart phone’s location using the GPS module on your smart phone. You will be able to make your smart phone make a notification sound.

You will be able to remotely lock your smart phone, and even be able to remotely wipe off your smart phone completely. Yes, it can go to that extent. But you might be feeling a slight déjà vu while reading the features. That is because we have already seen a few many third party apps in the Android Play Store which are capable of doing all these things. So there is essentially nothing ground breaking about the service that Sony is offering. In fact, Lookout Mobile Security is well known for all these features.

But the only fact for which Sony would receive a credit is that it is the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) which is giving all these features for its smart phone. And of course, it is the first OEM in the Android ecosystem, do not count Apple in this. Sony says that the service will go to the beta state later this year and on select 2012 Xperia smart phones. But we hope that all of us will soon be able to set this up on our Xperia smart phones.

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