Samsung to give Knox secuitry software with its smartphones

Samssung Knox

We know that Samsung is working on releasing an enterprise solution to get into that market as well. The market was once dominated by BlackBerry, and now iPhone is playing a major role in that. Samsung has its SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) initiative and it has been pushing this for a year or so to check the market. And if you observe the ads that the company has released in the recent times, you will observe that it has been hinting that its latest smart phones are enterprise ready.

In particular, the South Korean smart phone manufacturer says that the company’s Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II is very well equipped to handle the enterprise world. And now, the company is all ready to introduce a new security layer on top of the one already present. And this new layer is the Knox which the company has recently unveiled. Samsung is considering embedding Knox into Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, YH Lee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile, told CNET.

“Knox allows for a “container” system that separates personal and corporate data, and can also be used on applications. It also includes AES 256-bit encryption, the ability to create a virtual private network connection through a single app, improves the mobile device management controls, and works with hundreds of current IT policies,” CNET writes.

The company said that the Knox enabled devices are already ready to start their work in the government agencies already, and even defense departments. Not just that, it is being said that the Knox is native to the platform and covers all the loopholes found in the Android operating system. Now that Samsung is going full speed at this, BlackBerry will have to do a lot better to get even a slight bit of share in the enterprise market which it once mastered. The migration to the new BlackBerry 10 platform by consumers does not look promising for this.

Source: CNET