Opera buys Skyfire

Skyfire Rocket Optimizer big logo

In this dog eat dog world of smart phones and web technology, there are so many new companies setting up their bases in the Silicon Valley. Most of these companies have a rock solid golden idea and they just need a place to start up and showcase their productivity. One such awesome company which is based in the Silicon Valley is Skyfire. Yes, we have all heard the name before because we use the company’s product on our smart phones and tablets to view Flash enabled websites, and the product we are talking about is the Skyfire browser.

Opera has recently announced that it is going to buy Skyfire, for a good $155 million in cash and stock. This is good news for Opera as it is getting another indirect source of revenue. And maybe for Skyfire as well as it is being absorbed into a bigger corporation. But this does not mean that the Skyfire browser for iOS and Android will stop to be developed and updated. This is because it has been clearly mentioned that the development of the browser will continue. But it will be in complete control of Opera. It is also said that “Skyfire CEO Jeffrey Glueck will become an executive VP at Opera and will remain as CEO of Skyfire as an independent but wholly-owned unit of Opera.”

The deal is expected to close sometime in March. And the two companies will be present at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona later this month to convey to the mobile operators’ plans of the combined companies.

The primary reason for this acquisition, as the rumors hold, is the Rocket Optimizer technology that Skyfire uses in its browser. This technology actually reduces the size of the video being streamed on the browser when it is being transmitted over congested mobile networks. This could be a real good feature for a mobile browser as most carriers are taking away the unlimited usage internet plans.

Source: Cell Phones.CA