New iOS concept for faster app switching

Multitasking concept on iOS

If you are an iOS user, you would know the painful procedure that one has to go through to switch apps. You first have to double tap the home button, this brings up the multitasking bar which has all the icons of the recently used apps. You have to scroll through the bar to get to the icon of the app which you want to switch to, and then tap the icon.

When you have a few many apps running in the background, the list of apps grows and there will be a lot of scrolling through to get to the app you want. Will Apple change this? We do not know. But we have a few concepts ready to take care of that. Zephyr actually makes it a bit easier to do this by using gestures instead of reaching down to the home button every time you want to switch apps. But even this method needs scrolling through the list of recently opened apps.

But now, we have a new concept which uses only gestures and you do not have to take your thumb or finger off the screen to switch apps. UI Designer, Sentry of the Auxo fame has come up with this new concept. There is no working app for this, so this is really just a concept.

In this method, you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This splits the screen and brings the bar having the list of recently run apps. Without taking your thumb off the screen, you reach the app which you want to open and release your thumb on that particular icon. The switching takes place successfully. Sentry explains:

The concept is to allow for instantaneous app switching, via a simple swipe up from the bottom (splitting the screen). Without lifting your finger/thumb, you swipe to one of your recently used apps, release, and jump into it in one swoop.

Like it? Well, we will just have to wait till someone makes this a working app.

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  1. This story should be titled “Apple has finished ripping off Android, and is now moving to camp BlackBerry to see what they can steal from them”.

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