HTC is bringing back IR to fashion with its new One

HTC One IR Blaster

In the 1990’s, when you were buying a new mobile phone, the first thing you would check for on the phone for wireless communication was Infrared. We saw so many phones with that little dark glass window to send and receive IR signals. But the communication speed was low, and it needed to have a very short distance line of sight with the other device to make any kind of communication. But this was so kick ass back then.

Today, we have all kinds of wireless communication built into our smart phones. We have high speed Bluetooth, high speed cellular internet, high speed Wi Fi and what not. With all this at our disposal, the Taiwanese company, HTC, is bringing back Infrared into fashion with its new HTC One flagship smart phone. Yes, the new HTC One has an IR blaster in its power button, and it already does a few things with it out of the box.

The HTC One has a pre installed on its called the Sense TV, which is a part of the Sense 5 custom UI from the company. This app is a universal remote in itself. It can control a variety of televisions and it even features a TV guide to keep you updated of all the TV shows right on your smart phone to take it with you anywhere you go. The company sees new applications for the new IR blaster on its new smart phone.

For this reason, the company has provided an IR API in its Open Sense SDK for developers to work with the new feature. The IR blaster can be used to control hardware with ease. There may be new accessories just for the HTC One which would use the new IR blaster for connectivity. I already see a lot of applications for this new old piece of technology in this context. What about you?

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  1. It’s about bloody time!! I have so missed my Palm Tungsten|C’s IR capability since I went the route of an HTC Evo.

    I only hope it has BOTH an IR emitter and a receiver.

    IR is very useful for testing remotes and to always have a remote in the bar, the doctor’s office, anywhere there is something you want to control – like on the sofa. I don’t want to buy a $500 Logitech Harmony to get what my smart phone can easily give me but for lack of an IR port.

    Also, I still have a laser printer with IR port and am looking forward to printing from my smartphone!

    Yeah.. I’m excited about this! I will be able to control my entire home theater system, including WiFi remote stuff like Boxee Box, with ONE DEVICE! One device that I _always_ have with me.

    Now.. if someone will just make an app that combines WiFi and IR functions into one beautiful interface… 🙂

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