Google shows off new ‘Bay View’ campus plans

Google Bay View campus in Mountain View sketch

Most of us consider Google as the best place to work, due to the facilities that Google employees are offered and because of the awesome work atmosphere that is created at Goole. And another important factor, though not the deciding factor, is the Google office buildings. If you have seen one of these, there is no way would not like it. Google is just awesome when it comes to designing office spaces. The Googleplex is considered one of the best office buildings.

Now, Google is planning on expanding this with another awesome and huge building, and this will be called the “Bay View” campus. And this does not mean that this new campus will be in the northern city of California, Bayview, but will be in Mountain View itself, but with a view of the awesome San Francisco Bay. The campus will be 1.1 million square feet big. How awesome would that be?

You can imagine from the sketched provided here that a lot of designing and study has gone into this new campus. The search engine giant has studied the behaviour of its employees thoroughly before designing this new campus, according to reports. Phone Arena writes, “The way that people work was intensely studied before the designs were made up, and used to create certain features of the new campus. The most impressive of which is that supposedly on the new campus no employee would be more than a 2.5 minute walk from each other.”

The company has hidden the parking away the parking space on this campus so that it would look cleaner without all the cars. This new campus is said to host 9 new buildings which will be an extension of the 65 buildings already present in the Googleplex, these will not be replacing any. And all the 9 buildings will be connected to each other by bridges. These buildings have been designed as bent rectangles to promote “casual collision of the work force.”

Source: Phone Arena