Galaxy S IV is not going to be announced at MWC 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV Mock Up

After last month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, which is the world’s biggest consumer electronics showcase, people in the tech industry are getting ready for another most important tech show of every year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Why do we have two tech shows every year? Well, that is because the Consumer Electronics Show is a place to showcase almost anything which has to do with electronics and consumers, be it kitchen tech, car tech, or mobile tech. But at the Mobile World Congress, you only get to see the awesome works in the mobile industry. This year, as you all might know by now, the MWC is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain, later this month.

Most people are still very excited that the Galaxy S IV from the South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, will be unveiled at the event in Barcelona. There have been many news articles in the blogosphere saying just that. But it is almost time to face the reality. The next generation of the company’s flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S IV, will not be announced at the Mobile World Congress.

CNET went a step ahead to get this confirmed from a “person familiar with its launch plans.” So you could let it go now. Moreover, we have seen this happening almost every year. The South Korean Android smart phone giant fancies hosting its own press conference and a big event to launch its flagship devices. Therefore, that will be the case for the Galaxy S IV as well.

And, there have been more than one rumors out lately which are suggesting that the company may announce the next gen smart phone in the United States in the month of March. If this turns out to be true, the smart phone will be on sale in other parts of the world as well, lately by mid-April, which is good enough. What is your take on this?

Source: Android Authority