Citibank Analyst Feels PCs Will Beat Apple In Near Future

Hybrid PC

The current mood of the market is highly favorable to tablets, not just to Apple’s iPad, but also to Android tablets. Such has been the raise in demand for these portable consumer electronic devices since the time of the first generation iPad that PC sales have drastically declined. Traditional Windows based PC makers such as HP, Acer and Dell have all been affected and so has been Intel, the leading chip maker for PCs.

In a bid to halt the decline of PCs, Microsoft came up with Windows 8 OS last year, a platform that is at home on a laptop, desktop, tablet and even a smartphone. The emergence of Windows 8 has also given rise to hybrid devices, that offer the productivity of a laptop and the portability of a tablet, such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro or HP’s Envy X2.

Nevertheless, Windows 8 has till now failed to bring about any drastic improvement in PC sales. But this could still be considered a start of something. A will to be flexible and adaptive, and provide space of innovation.

Citibank analyst Glen Yeung certainly feels the same and more. According the analysts Apple in recent years has hardly brought about any significant innovation, while its rivals are moving ahead.

“We believe Apple will launch an iPad Mini Retina and a thinner/lighter iPad5 (both likely sporting newer processors) in 3Q13…iPad innovation of this nature is insufficient to reverse share loss.”

“Whereas we see limited innovation in tablets in 2H13, we see growing innovation in PCs. The growing presence of touch-based, ultrathin, all-day notebooks at improving price points (e.g., Intel requires all Haswell-based Ultrabooks to have touch and envisions price-points as low as $599) could create competition for 10″ tablets not fully anticipated by the market.”

One could easily agree with the point the analyst has made, and could also argue against it just as easily. But the point made is certainly something to ponder upon and does have some weightage. One thing is certain. If Apple’s iPad lacks major updates consistently Android tablets are certainly going to get ahead.