BlackBerry Messenger to support money transfer

BlackBerry Money

We use more than one application on our smart phones or computers to chat with people every day. There are popular instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Whatsapp, Skype, and many others. We these extensively to chat, but what would you do if you had the option to transfer money to one of your contacts with these apps? Well, yes, this feature has been added to the popular BlackBerry Messenger.

The company, formerly known as Research in Motion (RIM), has added this new feature to its Messenger app. The new app, called the BlackBerry Money, will soon be available for all BlackBerry users shortly. But right now, it is being tested in Indonesia. This does not mean it is under test by only the BlackBerry employees in Indonesia, but it is already available to BlackBerry users in the country. The company has chosen Indonesia for this because the company has its major market share here, in a country with a population of 249 million people.

The company has tied up with the bank, PT Bank Permata. BlackBerry users with an account with PT Bank Permata are already able to transfer money to their BlackBerry Messenger contacts with ease. The bank allows this, and the profit for the bank is that there is a small fee that it charges for money transferred to any other bank. However, money transferred between accounts inside the bank does not carry any fee with it.

If you are in Indonesia and have a BlackBerry smart phone with BlackBerry OS 5, 6, or 7, you can download the BlackBerry Money app from the BlackBerry App World and start sending or receiving money on BlackBerry Messenger. When the new BlackBerry Z10 becomes available in the country, users will be able to use that as well for transferring money. This may become the only one reason for which I may switch to BlackBerry after years of using Android. This makes banking so easy.

T.A. McCann, VP of Blackberry Messenger, stated that if the trials go well, we can see more expansion of the service “whether it be additional banks, additional countries, additional devices and of course all kinds of functionality.”

Source: Slash Gear