Apple’s new A7 processor leaked

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We are all waiting for the next generation iPhone to be released. But as usual, the Cupertino tech giant is very careful about not leaking out any information. But that never stops the rumor mill. As usual again, we already have a set of specification of the next generation iPhone as rumors. And according to that, the company will put in a new quad core processor, the Apple A7 based on ARM’s architecture.

Apart from this, we have the new 4 inch display unit that we saw on the iPhone 5. With this, a 2 GB RAM unit is expected along with a PowerVR SGX554MP4 CPU, which we have seen on the iPad 4. On top of this, the smart phone is expected to run the future iOS 7. And according to Apple’s device release cycle, we can expect the iPhone 5S to be announced soon.

Also, the Cupertino tech giant has a lot of new devices up its sleeves, according to all the rumors that we have. We have rumors about a completely new device called the Apple iWatch. And there are rumors suggesting that the iWatch would be a wrist watch, and some suggesting that this will actually be a new television from the company.

But anyway, coming back to the iPhone 5S, we have a new leak which shows off what is supposed to be the Apple A7. As can be seen from the image, the A7 looks exactly like the present A6. Also, the mother board of the next gen iPhone looks very similar to the present iPhone 5 mother board.

The entire architecture looks exactly the same. So we cannot be completely sure if this is legitimate of if this is just a fake computer graphics output. But for now, this is all what we have to believe that the Cupertino tech giant is actually working on something.

Source: Life On My Mobile