Apple wants to add “next generation features” to Apple TV with new manager

Apple TV

The smart TV market is going well, apart from the smart phone and the tablet markets. These are two completely different segments, as one is a complete entertainment market, while the other one is concerned with productivity combined with entertainment. But major companies in the market, such as Google and Apple, are working hard on narrowing the gap. So, we got the Apple TV and the Google TV.

Now, Apple is planning on going one step further into its “hobby project,” the Apple TV, to adding “next generation” features to the product. This becomes very obvious from the new job posting that it posted on its website for an experienced engineering manager. The posting reads the following:

The Apple TV team is looking for an experienced engineering manager to help deliver the next generation features for Apple TV. Bring your creative energy and engineering discipline, and help us bring the Apple experience to the Living Room.


– Lead a team of engineers working on exciting new features and functionality

– Drive releases from initial concept to completion

– Work closely with cross functional teams, representing Apple TV across Apple

– Develop the engineering plan for upcoming projects

– Communicate status to key stakeholders and senior management

Now, what could be the next generation features we are talking about? Well, there is the very obvious video gaming support. This is going to be one of the biggest industries and adding video games support to the Apple TV will pose a very tough competition to the big players such as Microsoft Xbox and Sony Play Station.

Also, third party developers would love to write their own apps for the Apple TV. So can we expect the release of an SDK for the Apple TV? Well, we do not know, that is a possibility. There is a rumor that the Cupertino tech giant has an event scheduled during the fall which is related to the Apple TV. We are expecting to see more of this.

Source: iPhone Hacks