Apple may lose iPhone trademark in Brazil


IGB Eletronica SA iPhoneApple, as we all know, is very big on patents and trademarks. The Cupertino based tech giant is usually the first company to go to court if it finds out that another company anywhere in the world is infringing any of its patents, or using any of its trademarks. But this time, the company is on the verge of losing one of its most important trademarks, the iPhone trademark.

Yes, in Brazil, Apple is about to be stripped of its iPhone trademark and the trademark is expected to be retained with another local consumer electronics company which goes by the name Gradiente Eletronica SA. Gradiente had registered the “iphone” trademark way back in 2000, 7 years before the Cupertino tech giant made its now viral smart phone, the iPhone.

A source who is familiar with the decision of the trademark regulatory agency in the country has reported this. But the official decision of the Brazilian Institute of Intellectual Property will be announced on the 13th of this month. After the official announcement of this, if in case Apple is not happy with the decision, which it will not be for sure, it can challenge it in the Brazilian courts.

IGB Eletronica SA, a company formed after the restructuring of Gradiente, has actually launched its own range of smart phones which go by the “iphone” branding. And to make this much interesting, this is an Android line of smart phones. The company released these into the market last December. Compared to Apple’s iPhone, this line of iphone smart phones sell for less money, 599 Reais, or $302 USD. Also, these smart phones are available both in black and white colors, just like the iPhone is.

Now, let us play a fun game. If Apple fails to get the trademark to its name, what would the company rename its iPhones in Brazil? Apple Phone? May be, maybe not. But it is fun to guess.

Source: Reuters