A glipse of Android tablet connectivity to the new PlayStation 4

Play Station app for Android tweet

Sony has announced a lot of features with the new Play Station 4. The company has gone to many corners of technology to be able to come up with so many features of cloud gaming and Android device support. And by Android device support, I mean new Android apps for smart phones and tablets which will be able to connect to the Play Station network on the go.

The new Sony Station 4 is said to have “powerful social features.” There is no idea about what kind of features we can expect on this app. But we will, for sure, be able to connect to the network and check our profiles, check on what our friends are doing, any new games that are going on on the network with our friends in it. And probably, there will be a feature with which we can communicate with our friends on the network, to talk about gaming stuff you know.

Phandroid writes, “We also saw a glimpse of an Android tablet during the demo of Sony’s new DRIVECLUB game. The tablet was shown to be running an app that lets you catch up on others in your “club,” allowing you to see who’s racing at a given time and getting updates on their progress.” This would be really cool, having a virtual club of gamers and be able to be present in the club virtually from any corner of the world.

But what would be more interesting? Well, the ability to initiate games from these apps on our smart phones and tablet. But I do know that it is a bit too much to ask at this moment. But anyway, we would not have to wait too long to see what the app can do. And the Play Station EU team has already confirmed the existence of this app with a tweet, as you can from the image. We will keep you posted with any more info we get on this.

Source: Phandroid