Your Life Planner: The Samsung Galaxy Note II

Planning 2013 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Have you ever made any New Year’s resolutions about being more on-time to work (less tardy), a better husband or wife, father or mother, student or teacher, and so on? In the past, goals and dreams were sketched out in journals, those little $5 books that you see in the notebook and pen sections of your local Wal-Mart. Samsung, however, has eliminated the need for the journal or diary with its newest invention known as the “phablet.” The neat devices that share this name (Galaxy Note I, Galaxy Note II) offer you the best experience of a journal and smartphone all in one. Smartphones, thus, can enhance the quality of your life – not inconvenience it.

Samsung released a video that ties in to the New Year recently. Now that 2013 has come, and the New Year’s resolutions have been piled onto the hearts and minds of individuals everywhere, Samsung took to yet another video to show how the Samsung Galaxy Note II helps you plan and achieve your 2013 goals. Instead of simply covering the excellent features of the “phablet,” the video points out three ways to plan your life better this year than last:

  • Handwriting Mode in S Planner
  • Air Viewing S Planner
  • Idea Sketch

You can actually handwrite your plans or goals for the new year in S Planner. For some people, handwriting their goals allows them to feel as though they are using a journal or diary, although they are using a smart gadget. Journals and diaries have always been powerful sources of writing and decision-making. Phablets, a combination of “phone” and “tablet,” provide a new opportunity for journaling and writing – a feat that does not exist on the average flip phone or smartphone. To get to this feature, tap on “S” planner, then go to the handwriting mode icon in the top left corner of the phablet.

Air Viewing allows you to view all of your calendar events for the month by taking your Galaxy Note II stylus and clicking on the date. This way, you do not have to go through every date on your calendar to see what events you have planned for each day and time. It is called “Air Viewing” because the effect is similar to someone who watches a city or town from the sky in an airplane: from above, you can see everything and everyone. Air Viewing thus, allows you to see all your month’s events “from above” the individual days themselves.

Idea Sketch is one that allows you to “be creative” (words of Trevor White) with your new year resolution. You can connect an activity to a picture or image by custom drawing a picture to go with your activity or goal. Sometimes, drawing is a good brainstorming tool that provides some visual picture or motivation that will drive you to achieve your goal. Samsung realizes the connection between sketching, visualizing, and doing that few manufacturers understand.

The Galaxy Note II has not only helped consumers plan their new year; it has also helped Samsung plan for its financial success. How? In just a few months on the market, the Galaxy Note II sold five million devices worldwide. According to reports this week, the Note II will come in two new colors (Amber Brown and Garnet Red) and will be succeeded by a younger brother, the Galaxy Note 3. The Note 3 is rumored to have a 128GB of internal memory storage, Bluetooth 5.0, 3GB RAM, NFC, 1080p HD video, and will run Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) on a 6.3-inch screen.