Why A Possible Google Attack Against Samsung with an “X” Phone is a Mistake

Google, what is this X phone all about?

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I’m all for Google trying to be a hardware manufacturer these days. The company has been famously known for its Android OS software and controls the software of every new individual who receives an Android smartphone. Back some few months ago (when I purchased the Galaxy S3, my first Android smartphone), I was told the importance of having a “Gmail” account. Google is in charge of Android OS, and Samsung’s smartphone manufacturing success has not changed this in the slightest. I am proud of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and its plans to enter the hardware business with smartphones of its own.

With that said, however, I must also state the obvious: Google purchased Motorola Mobility for a reason. In the back of the company’s mind, it must have thought, “it’s about time we enter the hardware business and produce phones. All the major tech giants around us are doing it, so why not us?” This mindset makes sense. Google has always attempted to enter into new fields that have remained untouched. If you have the autonomous, self-driving car in mind here, you would be right. Entering smartphone manufacturing is not far-fetched for a company such as Google whose clout stretches beyond Gmail and Google +.

Some have said in days past that Google’s new phone “could be an attack on Samsung.” Other news writers have drummed up the thought by noting Samsung’s desire to produce smartphones using Samsung’s own “Tizen OS,” an operating system that consumers will have to get used to this year. I applaud Samsung for its efforts: after all, are we not talking about a company that made more money than Apple in 2012’s Q4 ($8.3 billion vs. $8.2 billion), and produces other items such as Ultra HDTV’s and home products (washers, dryers, etc.)? Samsung has accomplished so much as compared to its early days when the company sold produce. When I read about Samsung’s history earlier this week, I could not believe that the company evolved from selling produce to selling the world’s most coveted electronics. Why not produce an OS of its own? This is the only thing missing from the Korean giant’s profile, is it not?

Yet and still, there is room for both Google and Samsung in the realm of the Android OS. Google may be a company growing in its hardware acquisition, but Samsung has been at the business of making smartphones much longer than Google. Google’s hold on Android OS is such that Google smartphones receive updates faster than Samsung smartphones (or LG, HTC, and other Android manufacturers). Despite this unfortunate flaw, however, Samsung smartphones are in hot demand. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has made Samsung’s smartphone line a major success, all within the last seven months – its Galaxy Note 2 a “phablet” hit, with a predicted Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 to anticipate this year. The company is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. If Google wants to get good at making its smartphones, it will not do so without the aid of Samsung Electronics.

It would be a mistake for Google to aim its hardware campaign at pushing Samsung from under its umbrella. I think Google longs for the idea of itself being the only Android company around; the problem with this, I believe, is that Android has been bigger than Google for a long time. With all the financial investments made into Android OS by its manufacturers, none of them is willing to turn around and walk away from customers who have always loved the Android line. Rather than eliminate all of its competition, Google will have to do what many Android manufacturers have learned – create its own exclusive smartphones and stand out from the crowd. In this regard, I wish Google the best of luck.

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  1. thanks allot, I completely agree with you. The only point that i was trying to make was that many people (customers) think that they (these companies) can do or make anything happen happen with the flick of a finger. I on the other hand look at things not as a consumer but how will i make decisions if i was running things, and many times the first thing that comes to mind is how it would hurt both companies if a certain destitution is made. I used to be a huge fan of Apple, but then i saw the greed it was developing, i just hope Google can keep its quality first, good example on that front is the LG Nexus 4, great product but bad advertising, shipping and availability. I will come back, its nice to read an article that doesn’t take side based on what people wanna hear or whose advertising in their website, im always looking for unbiased articles, and let me just say you’ve done it. Thanks and looking forward to next article.

  2. Anyello,

    It was nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for commenting here at StudentNews. I was so honored to receive your response.

    You are right; even with Samsung’s success, it cannot compete without the aid of Google. The Tizen OS has not been developed and is something that Samsung has been developing behind closed doors. It is, to say, the least of Samsung’s work. Google, on the other hand, has always been known for its software (Google Maps) but plans to head into the hardware business with Motorola and compete on the design side. It will make them the most formidable company in the US, and they could surpass Apple within the next few years. I am not an Apple fanboy, but I have a twin sister who did work at Apple for two years. I own a few Apple products (iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3G, iPad 3, 2011 MacBook Pro, and am soon to own the iPad 4). With that said, however, I am quite a huge critic of the Apple Corporation. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and love my Samsung/Google experience. I have longed for a Google phone because of the pure Google experience, so…I am in Google’s corner as much as anyone could be.

    With that said, however, Google is still new to the game of hardware. What that means for the company is that it will have to work much harder at getting to the point where it can produce the quality screens and chips that Samsung produces for “enemies” such as Apple. Apple is currently trying to get from under Samsung’s chip-making abilities, but it needs the company too much. At this point, Google wants to produce its own products but still partners with companies such as LG and Samsung to produce its phones. Some customers needed their Nexus 10 tablets repaired around Christmastime and Samsung and Google kept passing the torch between each other, placing the responsibility of repair on the other company. Google said it was Samsung’s responsibility, Samsung blamed Google. With this said, both companies still need each other in the OS race.

    Apple needs Google’s software in order to compete, and you are right about the Maps, YouTube, and other flaws of iOS. I write on these on a daily basis, so I am in total agreement there. At the same time, Google has made its name famous by pairing up with a company like Samsung to make smartphones and tablets. While I understand the importance of Google’s software, customers like Google’s software because they get it on a Samsung Galaxy phone. An interesting study should be done to see how many of Android’s customers are using Google phones, and how many are using Samsung’s phones. I think Google is a great company, but Samsung’s accomplished so much work in this area that Google will need a few more years before it can really contend against Samsung. That is not to say that I am not aware of the company’s accomplishments now, nor does it mean that I do not think the company can stand on its own.

    Thanks so much for writing…and for the complement. You are the first person that’s read my work here at the site and responded in this manner. I am honored, and hope that you can return here to write in the future.-Deidre

  3. I have been with Android for some time now, and i have always used Motorola since the 1st Moto Droid, then the X, X2, Razr max and now the HD Max. Their mayor flaw has been the delayed in updated, at least until now. When i got updated to Android 4.1 on the HD Max in such a short time, i was impressed at the fact that it feels almost like pure Android while keeping everything that i loved about Moto. If this is the direction Google will go with its “X phone” then it will be a BIG force to deal with, even for Samsung. Because lets face it, same as the original iPhone would have been a flop without all the great apps Google had ready for it, Samsung would be nothing without android. Now some might disagree but lets be honest, would most people, including yourself (unless your an apple fan boy) would have got the original iPhone if it dint contain YouTube, Google maps, and so on. Now lets take IOS as an example, which im proud to say depends less on Google than Samsung, when they removed 2 (YouTube, G maps) from it and the commotion/panic that it caused, not for Google but Apple. Now imagine the biggest Android partner completely removing all those features at once and replacing it with its own Beta versions of itself that has not even been tested in the real world. Then on the other hand you have Google take out a “X phone” with pure Google and all great features im sure they have planned (wireless changing, Google Glass, and more)who out that equation would get hurt more. In my opinion and example of Apple it would be Samsung, lets face it, even the big commotion with windows not having Google maps stopped a few of my customers from buying the windows phone, which they where waiting for because of its camera. But only time will tell, but i am sticking to Google… Nice article by the way

  4. Joe,

    I would have to agree with you here. Tizen as an OS is new to the game. Not only is Tizen new, but we have to consider the fact that Android is an OS known for its great software– software that Google provides for Samsung and other manufacturers. I read an article today that talked about Apple’s failure to create quality software (e.g., Apple’s 3D maps, Wi-Fi bugs, etc.). You cannot have great hardware without excellent software. The same can be said for Samsung; although its Galaxy S3 is a phone to be envied by Apple and Google, it cannot have success without Android’s OS. Tizen is simply too much of a “kickstarter” project to compete with the likes of Android and iOS. Give it a few years, however, and Samsung could pull it off.

    Still, I do not want to see Google and Samsung part and go their separate ways. I think it would be detrimental for the Android ecosystem as a whole. Thanks, Joe, for commenting, and feel free to comment more in the coming days.

  5. Motorola makes great hardware and Google branded devices have the purest android software. The combination would give Samsung a big competitor, especially if Samsung stops using android OS.

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