WeatherOn – Push Notification for IOS

WeatherOn Simple Mode

Since yesterday’s Notification Weather, I have started to take a liking to weather apps. They are not interesting because they report the weather; reporting the weather, in and of itself, is a boring thing. What I have come to appreciate about weather apps is the lack or depth of information they report, as well as the weather phenomenon they use as backgrounds on smartphone and tablet screens.

Weather On is a push notification app that does what the name suggests: it “pushes notifications” regarding the weather to your lock screen each morning so that you wake up to the weather displayed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. When you open the app, you have to set your city and state and zip code; the app does the rest. You can also choose a set wallpaper to have on your lock screen and home screen so as to prepare for the push notification you will receive. Push notifications come each morning at 7am, depending on where you are.

Once your city and state are set, the time will be set automatically to whatever location you provide for the app itself. There are five formats in which you can customize the Weather On app: (1) “Simple,” (2) “Now,” (3) “All,” (4) “Hour,” and (5) “Week”. The Simple Mode provides the weather condition, current temperature, time, and place (city, state, country). If you want to view more info on the weather with the simple format, just click on the temperature tile, and you will be provided with the “feel” of the weather as well as the maximum and minimum temperatures for the day. Yes, I know – the information is presented in a “Metro Windows theme” format. There are some iLovers who will not be pleased with this layout, but I like it a great deal. The selection squares are placed against a moving background, making it seem as though the app is a live wallpaper version when it is not.

WeatherOn Now Mode

The “Now” mode brings additional info such as UV risk, humidity, visibility, wind speed, dew point, pressure, sunrise/sunset, and moonrise/moonset. Looking at the squares is no different from watching the evening news! The squares also bring a bit of live animation, since the “cloudy” weather condition shows two clouds moving in opposite directions; the wind speed square shows the windmill turning, demonstrating wind motion. The Now mode shows you what conditions are like at the current time (though weather conditions may be different by the end of the day or evening).

WeatherOn All Mode

The “All” mode shows not only the weather of the current time, but also the weather as it will be later today, tomorrow, and the remainder of the week. The “Hour” mode shows you what the weather is like from hour to hour, a feature that I think makes an excellent weather app.

What I like about the WeatherOn Push Notification app is its attention to details as well as its fine wallpapers. The wallpapers are great desktop backgrounds for an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (particularly iPad users). I highly recommend it as an app or those who want to know the smallest pieces of information about the weather. Having said this, however, it does fall short in the area of live weather effects. Since it is a “push notification” app, it will not provide live weather wallpapers that grab your attention, such as the live wallpaper found on my Galaxy S3 that matches the current weather condition outside my window. I am a sucker for live weather wallpaper, so the Weather On app does not suffice. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow iOS users the freedom that Android users have; this means that lock screen notifications are an iOS user’s best resource.

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