The new retro-styled HTC Mini

HTC Mini and HTC Butterfly

Do you think that your new Android smart phone is a bit too much big for your palm or your pocket? You want to have a smaller smart phone with almost all the features of your gigantic smart phone? Well, the Taiwanese smart phone giant, HTC, seems to have a solution. However, this might not be the one solution that most people are looking for.

HTC thinks that pairing your huge Android smart phone, the HTC Butterfly to be more precise, with another smaller smart phone would make it easier for you to handle calls, emails, text messages, calendar notifications, and much more. So, the company is giving away another small phone, dubbed the HTC Mini, with a new HTC Butterfly. This offer is now only available for the company’s Chinese customers.

The HTC Mini is an NFC and Bluetooth equipped device which can be paired to the HTC Butterfly using the NFC connection. After the connection is set up, the smart phones switch to Bluetooth to maintain a constant link. All the notifications that come up to your HTC Butterfly will be pushed to your HTC Mini as well.

Also, you can make calls from the HTC Mini. If you somehow misplace your HTC Butterfly, you can make it sound an alert using the Mini so that you can track it down. And if you are hooking up your HTC Butterfly to your TV, the Mini will act as a remote. If you want to remotely control the camera shutter of the HTC Butterfly, the HTC Mini comes to the rescue.

To sum it up, this means that you can put your HTC Butterfly in your pockets, your briefcase, your backpack, or your purse and have the HTC Mini a bit more reachable. In this way, you will have to take out your HTC Butterfly only when you need to do something that you can’t possibly do on the Mini. But don’t you think this kind of an arrangement is better suited for a tablet than a smart phone?

Source: The Verge

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  1. I work in construction and this or a third party device that would work many brands would be great. Im not going to wear a bluetooth earpiece and look like a jerk but Id rather not smash my new phones screen either.

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