Sprint Galaxy Nexus receives Android 4.2.1 update

Sprint Galaxy Nexus

People buy the Google Nexus branded smart phones so that they get the vanilla Android experience, and most importantly, get timely updates to the smart phones. Typically, you should get an update to your Android operating system on your Nexus branded smart phone whenever Google releases an update. But unfortunately for people living in the United States and other parts of the world where updates come through wireless carriers, there is always a delay.

It has been quite some time since Google released the current version of Android, the Android 4.2.1, or the updated Jelly Bean. But Galaxy Nexus users in the United States who got their Galaxy Nexus smart phones from Sprint and Verizon have not yet been able to get their hands on this new version of the operating system. But if you have the Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus, your wait is over. Yes, the update is now available to you.

Sprint is currently seeding the Android 4.2.1 update to all its Galaxy Nexus customers. This came as a result of The Now Network issuing an update a couple of weeks before. Anyway, the Sprint Android 4.2.1 update, build JRO03U.L700GA02, is expected to bring a lot of new features that you see in Android 4.2.1, including the following:

  • Redesigned camera interface and new Photosphere feature (a 360-degree panorama mode)
  • Notifications Shade accessible by swiping top screen edge downwards; swipe down with two fingers to view notifications; tap the notification to expand and act on it.
  • Lockscreen widgets to get access to certain apps without unlocking the screen; side scroll right for camera or left for other widgets (time and weather, gmail, etc.)

All the three features listed above are really awesome features, especially the last two. You are for sure going to love the new notification area. You can have a lot of shortcuts up there are for most of your tasks, you will not have to open up the Settings app.

Anyway, you can get the over the air update for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus or just manually download the update from Google from over here.

Source: Into Mobile