Nexus 4 now listed as “temporarily out of stock”

Nexus 4

If you have been waiting very eagerly to buy a new Nexus 4 smart phone, then I guess that you would be happy to know that the stocks are coming in. T Mobile recently started stocking Google’s flagship device. And then Best Buy reported that even it has stocks. But if you want to buy the smart phone from Google’s Play Store, you would have noticed the sold old sign. But that has been changed to “Temporarily Out of Stock,” and we can assume to be a bit closer to getting the stocks.

If the page always read a sold out sign, we would never know when the smart phone would come back to stock, or would it ever come back to stock. But temporarily has some soft corner in it. It means that the socks will be back sometime soon, sooner or later, shortly, and so on.

Google may have not put the sign properly on the Play Store as it has no much experience in selling hardware. LG, the manufacturer of the Nexus 4 smart phone, on the other hand, is well experienced in this. The way it supplied the Optimus G to meet the demand was good. But I do not think that the company expected much of a $299 unlocked Android smart phone with that updated software and hardware.

Now, I assume, that the manufacturer has gone back to its manufacturing plants and switched on the machines again to output a few more million units of the smart phone. We may soon start seeing the Nexus 4 units on store shelves and on Google’s Play Store pretty soon. Let us just hope that this would happen before the search giant announces the next generation Nexus smart phone at its Google IO event. Do you have any thoughts about this?

Source: Phone Arena