New IPhone on the Way? Apple Website Confirms

IPhone 5-- what's next?

The iPhone 5 may have been the hottest iPhone device in its six generations, but a new iPhone is coming, confirms Reuters and The Next Web.

Apple developers discovered references to “iPhone 6.1” running iOS7 in their usage logs on an Apple website, leading many to believe that the new iPhone and OS are soon to arrive. With the iPhone 5, Apple developers found the markers “iPhone 5.1” and “iPhone 5.2” in their usage logs, symbolizing the fact that two iPhone 5s would soon arrive. If the “iPhone 5” marker reveals anything, it shows that the next iPhone, contrary to many tech sites, will not be called “iPhone 5S” but rather, “iPhone 6”. When Apple named the “iPhone 3GS,” it did not replicate the “GS” labeling in any future iPhone – which lead tech experts to suggest that there is no need for a “5S” labeling. It may be possible if my thoughts ring true about the matter.

The iPhone 5 just emerged this past September after the 4S had been on the market for nearly a year. Predictions about the phone were correct: it came with a 4.0-inch diagonal display, an A6 processor chip, aluminum metal backing, in-cell display technology, an additional microphone, noise reduction, and was Apple’s thinnest phone to date. While the iPhone 5 seemed to be everything and more consumers wanted, with sales soaring to 5 million in the iPhone’s first weekend, there were a large number of problems associated with the iPhone. The aluminum backing scratched easily, there were scratches under the protective film (suggesting factory damage), not to mention Wi-Fi bugs and the terrible Maps fiasco. Scott Forstall, in charge of iOS, has been replaced; nevertheless, Apple will have to step up its software game in order to compete with the likes of Google and Android in future head-to-headers.

What will the new iPhone have? There has been no confirmation on the majority of predicted specs, but the new iPhone will at least have iOS7. I do not yet know what iOS7 will contain, but I can confirm that iOS7 will have major improvements to its 3D Maps than ever before. The new iPhone may have a larger screen, allowing Apple to continue its competition with Android manufacturers. Apple’s once-upon-a-time, 3.5-inch diagonal display was simply too small for the majority of phone users; Apple caved in and bumped its screen up to 4 inches. In future phones, however, Apple will need to increase its screen size beyond 4 inches to something along the lines of 4.3 to 4.5 inches in order to maintain its customer base.

As for the iPhone innards, an A6X chip (the same chip found in the iPad 4) will replace the A6 chip found in the iPhone 5. Apple is consumed with making its phones faster, so this should come as no surprise to the majority of Apple customers. It may decide to proceed with an A7 chip, as Cupertino also intends to introduce its fifth-generation iPad on the market by mid-2013 (the next iPad will have an A7 chip installed). The phone will most likely come in the traditional colors of white and black, although some reports suggest that the iPhone 6 may come in a wide array of colors similar to the fifth-generation iPod Touch. Siri, Apple’s voice command, will become even smarter than she is already, so customers will most likely appreciate Siri’s growth and advancement.

If you were thinking about purchasing an iPhone 5, you may want to slow down and wait for the iPhone 6. The new iPhone may have fingerprint scanning as a form of its next line of security.