More than 20% iPhone users updated to iOS 6.1

iOS 6.1 Logo

It has been only a few days since the Cupertino tech giant started seeding the new iOS 6.1 update to its iOS based device owners. The adoption of the iOS 6.1 operating system has been really awesome. Onswipe, a company which optimises and builds web sites for smart phones, says more that 20% of the traffic that it is getting from            iOS, is from iOS 6.1. That is a good news for both Apple and app developers for iOS.

It had taken over a week for iOS 6 adoption to reach 44%. But by the looks of it, adoption of iOS 6.1 will not take so much of time. This helps Apple in many ways. One of them is that the company will be able to get a feedback of what users use the most on their new iOS 6.1 update and what they do not like. User forums will start filling up with questions about the new update and people will start talking about it.

And for developers who build apps for the iOS platform, this is a good news because they will be able to update their apps to the new version of the operating system. This will help them to be able to use all the new features the new platform offers, and at the same time, they will not be feeling guilty about leaving a lot of their user base behind hanging with the last version of the apps.

But as always and as on every other mobile platform, we will see a few people who just do not bother to update their smart phones or other mobile devices even when they get an over the air update notification, and even they have the chance to update. Leaving such people out of the count, the over the air update feature has helped most of the users be able to update their iOS based devices easily and quickly.

Source: iPhone Hacks