IPad Mini 2, Retina MacBook Pros Part of Apple’s 2013 Lineup

IPad Mini 2 -- Already Available?

The iPad Mini has become a huge Apple hit since the company announced its arrival in September 2012. While tech analysts predicted that Apple’s profit margins would fall as a result of the inexpensive tablet, the tablet has favored well among Apple customers – and is outpacing its older brother by a 3-to-1 margin. It seems that whatever Apple makes that is “mini” size, customers can’t seem to get enough of it.

Well, no surprise here: Apple looks to emerge with an iPad Mini 2 this summer, tech sources have revealed. The iPad Mini 2 will emerge with the fabulous Retina display, currently found on some of Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops, 9.7-inch iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones. This is a no-brainer: Apple decided to add Retina to its iPad Minis in order to resell them and make a better profit. The “iPad Mini” is already “mini” in its body size and design, so there is no need to make the item thinner. Apple may, however, decide to add a faster processor chip to its iPad Mini – a decision that Apple makes with all its new iAdditions. The iPad Mini 2 will likely come with the new operating system, known already as “iOS7” and have its same 7.9-inch display.

Sources say that the iPad Mini 2 will be revealed either by March or June (or somewhere in-between). Apple’s new product cycle makes it hard to estimate when Cupertino will emerge with its new products, but you can be sure that the products will be revealed about 6 months apart. KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple’s new tablets will emerge in the third quarter, somewhere between Summer-Fall 2013. While he has made accurate predictions in the past, I think this projected date may be an optimal one – depending on how early in the summer Apple emerges with its new tablets. WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) would be an excellent time to present its tablets in order to take advantage of summer sales. The earlier Apple gets these out, the more profit Apple can stand to make from them. Around the time of Apple’s September presentation, the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 will have been around for weeks and will continue Apple’s sales as Cupertino presents its new, inexpensive iPhone.

Apple has a golden opportunity to do something new with its iPad Mini 2 and succeeding mini tablets. While the company has created a tablet that stands at 7.9 inches, the company could go on to create some smaller 7-inch tablets and some larger 8-inch tablets to add to its “mini” collection. Apple will most likely be tempted to make tablets that are somewhere in the 7.5-inch range, for those that may want to pay even less for their tablet than current prices.

In other Apple news, the company has decided to produce nothing but Retina MacBook Pros this year, eliminating its non-Retina line. Sources do say that Apple will reduce the current price of its Retina Pro lineup, with prices currently around $1600 or $1700. The new Retina MacBook Pros will likely be priced around the price range of current non-Retina MacBooks (say, $999, $1199, $1399, and so on). The Retina screen resolution, however, will be incredible; its downfall will be that very few websites and webpages are formatted for Apple’s Retina display, and in some cases, web viewing will seem distorted and unsatisfying. Such is the price you pay (pun intended) for “greatness”.