Will the Next-Generation IPhone Be Dubbed “IPhone 5S”?


With reports surfacing about Apple’s newest iPhone by the summer of 2013, many believe that the new iPhone will be dubbed “iPhone 5S.” Could this be a case of jumping the gun? Or, have we paid so much attention to Apple nomenclature that we now know the label before it is announced?

This could be an example of tech writers jumping the gun, as many are often prone to do. Whenever an iPhone or Apple tech rumor surfaces, many tech writers take the time to plant ideas, labels, and “what we hope to see” conversations in the minds of readers so that consumers get hyped about the product. This happened with the iPhone 5, as so many readers got excited about the supposed rubber-band technology (flexible smartphone tech), waterproof coating, and other tech “Ifs” that the actual iPhone 5 presentation was considered to be completely amazing and utterly boring by some authoritative writers on the World Wide Web. It was a rather unusual phenomenon that the company who works unceasingly to keep its new tech surprises secret would have so many leak out weeks before the big announcement.

With that said, the next-generation iPhone may not be dubbed “iPhone 5S” for one reason: the “S” stood for “Siri” in the iPhone 4S model, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook. When the iPhone 4S made its debut in the consumer tech market, Siri and voice command were new to Apple’s design. IPhones 4 and earlier did not have Siri in them, although some believe Apple had the potential to place Siri voice command into the iPhone 4 but refused to do so in order to make money in the newer model (4S). The next-generation iPhone has no need to carry the “S” in its label because Siri has already been embedded into iOS6. It would seem redundant to place the “S” in front of a new “iPhone 5” (some say) in order to follow the former pattern: “iPhone 4, 4S, 5, …”

Apple could offer consumers a new iPhone bearing an “S” in its name if it chooses to make Siri more advanced than the personal, intelligent assistant is already. Right now, Siri knows how to say names, refer to iOS users by name, understand many questions correctly and provide answers (although she still has major trouble hearing commands), as well as give the latest information on sports standings, player information, movie plays, movies showing at the local theater, and sports scores of teams throughout the season and after. While Siri has turned smarter than she was in the 4S, she still needs improvement and learning. If Apple intends to add something new to Siri in the upcoming model, it may name the new phone the iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone may be dubbed “iPhone 5S,” however, even if Siri has no update to her knowledge. The fact remains that Apple is infamous for selling new iPhones with incremental updates. While the iPhone 5 had aluminum metal backing, an additional microphone, LTE cellular connectivity, a thinner body, improved iSight camera, and faster processor chip (an A6 instead of an A5), it followed two phones, the iPhone 4 and 4S, which differed by way of small incremental updates. The iPhone 4S was named after Siri, and had Siri as its major change from the iPhone 4. Perhaps the iPhone 5 successor will have its own minor updates from the 5 – while consumers wait in anticipation of iPhone 6.

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  1. Mike,

    You are right about the iPhone 3GS; however, that had nothing to do with the naming of the iPhone 4S. The 3GS came out approximately two years before the iPhone 4S. The “S” does not have to stand for “speed” in the 4S model just because it stood for speed in the 3GS model.

    You did not consider my link above to Tim Cook. Tim Cook served alongside of Steve Jobs and when he was asked about the “S” in the iPhone 4S, he said it stood for “Siri.” I looked up the history of the iPhone and have much experience in writing on Apple news. I think you just forgot to check my reference above. If you can find one source that claims the “S” in “4S” stands for “speed,” I’ll be happy to consider your proposition.

  2. So I guess you didn’t bother to look into the history of the iPhone. The s did not come from iPhone 4S. Let think about it. First iphone was the iphone. 2nd iphone was the iphone 3G. 3rd iphone was the what? Oh yea it was the iPhone 3GS oh wait is that a s? Yes it is. And the s was meant to stand for speed because it was suppose to be twice as fast. Ok let’s move in next iphone was the iphone 4. Then iPhone 4S now it’s the iphone 5 so let me think it very well could be the iphone 5s is next. But then again who knows.

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