Samsung Galaxy Camera Launched

Samsung is showing their seriousness to make a case in the digital camera market after unveiling their new internet-connected camera.

Samsung, who is the global leader for televisions and smartphones, launched the Samsung “Galaxy” camera, which was named after one of their best-selling signature smartphone and tablet series,

The technologically-advanced camera, which features a 4.8 LCD touchscreen and 21x optical zoom, will let the users tupload photos and videos without the need of connecting the device to a personal computer through Wi-Fi internet connection.

Samsung Galaxy camera is a product of the company’s improvement of their camera and digital imaging business, which is currently supervised by mobile business head JK Shin.

Talking about the newly-launched digital camera, Shin said that it will jumpstart a new chapter in visual communications, especially with the way consumers accepted the camera during its first week in the European and United States market.

Shin said: “Our camera business is quickly evolving and I think it will be able to set a new landmark for Samsung. The product will open a new chapter in communications – visual communications.”

The Galaxy camera is not the first internet-connected camera from Samsung, but it is the first Google’s Android-powered camera, which has features similar to their smartphones and tablets.

Research firm NDP Group believes that the Samsung Galaxy camera will boost the company’s chances of putting themselves in line with top digital camera brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic.

NDP Group senior imaging analyst Liz Cutting said: “Samsung has a tough row to hoe against the likes of Canon and Nikon in the camera brand equity landscape. Yet as a brand known more in the connected electronic device arena, Samsung has a unique opportunity to transfer strength from adjacent categories into the dedicated camera world.”

Starting price is set at £400.

“At a price point higher than some entry-level interchangeable-lens cameras, the Galaxy camera should appeal to a consumer willing to pay an initial and ongoing premium for 24/7 creative interactivity.”

[Source: Financial Review]