Rumor: Nokia To Unveil Windows RT Tablet At Mobile World Congress


If you remember, back in March this year rumors about Nokia allegedly working on a Windows 8 based tablet had cropped up. The tablet in development was said to get into production in time for the launch of Windows 8. In fact, Nokia’s design head himself had confirmed that he was at the time working on designing a Windows 8 based slate. Furthermore, reports stated that Nokia had ordered for 200,000 units from ODM Compal Electronics. The rumors however, died down soon enough. Windows 8 has been officially launched and the world market has no shortage of tablets and laptop/tablet convertible devices operating on both Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT, with the pack led by Microsoft’s flagship Surface tablets. But there is no sign of a Nokia tablet whatsoever.

Now, however, news about a Nokia developed Windows 8 tablet has reemerged. The source of the rumor this time is the Taiwan based technology site DigiTimes. The tech news site claims, citing supply chain sources that Nokia is now in talks with hardware and software partners Microsoft, Qualcomm and Compal Electronics on developing a 10 inch tablet. The report states the talks are about “resuming development.” These sources have also stated that work on a Windows RT/8 Pro tablet was stopped by Nokia because Microsoft came up with the Surface, which took up the primary role of promoting Windows 8/RT and also because it wanted to make sure the market would respond positively to Windows 8/RT OS. Finally, Nokia decided to stick to developing Windows Phone 8 smartphones instead.

The 10 inch Windows RT tablet from Nokia in question now is rumored to get Qualcomm’s S4 processor and according to the report, will be ready to be unveiled in time for the 2013 Mobile World Congress, which will begin on Feb 25th in Barcelona, Spain. If the rumor is true, that leaves Nokia with just about two month to bring out its first ever tablet device.


Via: Engadget

Source: DigiTimes