Rumor: Apple Working On Smartwatch?


A new rumor has cropped up on the web about Apple which claims the tech giant’s next new product will be a smartwatch or an iWatch if you would like to call it that. Informed by its sources was the first to report the rumor, which was later picked up by Business Insider. According to the rumor Apple has in fact, partnered with chip giant Intel to develop the smartwatch. The report also claims the watch will have a 1.5 inch OLED display, will operate a version of iOS and will be Bluetooth enabled.

According to the report Intel came into the picture because it was the one which came up with the idea and Apple decided to develop it. This is certainly unconventional for a company like Apple, which has always designed its own products and relied on OEMs to manufacture them. Also to be noted is that all of Apple’s current iOS lineup is powered by ARM chips. Rumor though this might be, the story makes sense because Apple’s iPod nano has served as a digital watch in the past, though it was not specifically intended to be used as such. The 2011 model iPod nano with its square design was perfect as a limited functionality smartwatch, with music playback, fitness tracker, FM and image viewer. Just when rumors had begun to appear about an updated iPod nano in 2012 with true smartwatch capabilities Apple went ahead and phased out the square nano and replaced it with a larger, rectangular design. Perhaps Apple did that just to make room for the smartwatch in question now.

A smartwatch is certainly a product whose popularity has been proven before. The best example will be the Pebble, a smartwatch which could interact with smartphones. The project was funded by people on Kickstarter and managed to raise $10 million. Considering that an Apple smartwatch with Siri, FaceTime, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC will undoubtedly be a success story.


Via: Business Insider