Mantia Wallpaper Themes Available for Free Download

You can never have enough “free” items in this life. College students flock to events that promise “free food” and “free prizes”.  When car companies promise to have giveaways where you can win a “free shopping spree” to a famous store or “a year’s worth of Shell gas for free,” customers flock to a car dealership simply to take advantage of the freebies.

Well, there’s more of the “free” to look forward to: iOS wallpaper themes available for free download. is a website that offers reminiscent wallpaper themes for your iPhone and iPad. Mantia’s Legos theme, for example, comes in five colors: red, orange, lime green, regular green, and clear. There is a blue Legos theme, but you only see small, blue circles with “Lego” written in tiny print (instead of the lego blocks that you see with the other color themes).

Another such theme that you will find for free at the Mantia website is that of Super Mario Bros. Remember the game “Super Mario Bros.”? If you played this game on Nintendo or Super Nintendo, you remember the blue background with the bricks that Mario jumped on, as well as the green tunnel structures that would often take Mario to a hidden area of the game. The golden surprise boxes are the most exciting part of the wallpaper theme. Remember how you would hit the boxes, never knowing if a coin, or extra life, would emerge? In addition to the game setting as a wallpaper theme, perhaps you would like to try the “powerup”/question mark theme. This theme comes with a brown background and the powerup and question mark symbols in gold. Both are also available as free downloads at the Mantia website.

There are more children’s themes in Mantia’s free wallpaper selection. The “Incredibles” wallpaper features father Incredible in his usual attire (in front of a red background), while the “Spiral Hill” theme brings back memories of Tim Burton’s 1993 classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. “Star Wars” and “Jurassic Park” are featured in Mantia’s wallpaper, a well as the cloud and sky wallpaper found in Andy’s room in the “Toy Story” collection. If you enjoyed the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog,” you will love the wallpaper of The Shadowman. His shadow scares, even when you’re not watching the movie.

The movie themes above are priceless, but they would not be as wonderful were it not for their pairing with “Alice in Wonderland.” Seven wallpaper themes are provided for your entertainment: (1) Mad Hatter, (2) Tweedledee and Tweedledum, (3) the White Queen, (4) the Cheshire Cat, (5) the White Rabbit, (6) the Red Queen, and (7) Alice. The Tweedledee and Tweedledum theme comes with a tan background where coffee cups and teapots abound. The Mad Hatter theme is green and filled with hats spinning in a concentric circle. The hats turn smaller as they get closer to the center, larger as they get further away from it.

There are other themes I could tell you about, but I do not want to keep you from enjoying the cool themes that Mantia has to offer. Go here for your free, reminiscent downloads.