IOS6.1 Is a Trap: What You Should Know Before You Upgrade

IOS6 Humor Announcement

Have you ever wanted to jailbreak your iPhone? If you have had iPhones in the past, you know what it’s like to finally free your iPhone and customize it to make it the device of your artistic expression. Even now, according to the ruling from the US Copyright office, jailbreaking your iPhone is still considered legal (while jailbreaking an iPad is not!) and a technique used by many iPhone customers who love their iPhones but want to love them more. While there are risks associated with jailbreaking, such as bricking your smartphone, rendering certain applications unusable, and leaving open the possibility that a hacker can send a virus into your device, jailbreakers seem to release their iPhones from Apple for a reason.

There are a few individuals who, after jailbreaking, see a new iOS update and decide that the new update has something they want. For example, a person who owns an iPhone 4 (not 4S; absence of Siri) sees the new iOS6.0 update and decides, “I want Siri on my phone. This way, I won’t have to upgrade my phone because I’m still on contract with my iPhone 4.” The new update will allow the individual to acquire Siri without paying for it (since the update is free). However, the individual must undo his or her jailbreak in order to update; when he or she installs iOS6.0, the jailbreak will terminate. Once the update is installed, the individual will have to jailbreak again to get back to Cydia. Now, however, a new problem arises: the individual will have to jailbreak iOS6.0 in order to go back. For the time being, the individual stays with the update and wants to update to iOS6.1.

IOS6.1, however, according to the tech community, is nothing more than a trap. Similar to iOS4.3.5, a security upgrade for iOS devices, the iOS6.1 update is harder to crack than even iOS6.0—and 6.0 has not been easy for expert jailbreakers. Jailbreaker i0n1c wrote the following on December 23:

“There must have been some change of guard at Apple. IOS6.1 adds again tougher protections although public JB community hasn’t broken iOS6 yet” (

On yesterday, Christmas Eve, i0n1c added this additional statement, another sign of bad news for the jailbreaking community:

“Today I realized another protection in iOS6.1 that I nearly oversaw but it kills off some tricks.”

The Cologne, Germany resident has made it clear with two tweets that the iOS6.1 update is bad news for jailbreakers and those who want to consider jailbreaking their iPhones in the near future.

In recent years, it has been said that Apple has a love/hate relationship with the jailbreaking community but never cared about shutting down the movement. With the company’s hire of a jailbreaker, Nicholas Allegra (Comex) and a prior jailbreaker, Apple made it clear that it only wanted to “look the part” of a company with no obsession over jailbreakers. The truth behind Apple’s stance is that it has hired jailbreakers all along to patch up security holes that will no longer be granted to jailbreakers. Apple’s latest update makes it clear that Cupertino will never “shake hands and call it a truce” with those it deems its own worst enemy.

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  1. @Steveo – Apple doesn’t ‘suck’ because it wants to keep its walled garden secure. It is a choice the consumer has to make. Do they want to be able to modify their phone to the nth degree or are happy enough with the customisation available.

    I’m not so clued up about what allowing others hack a phone means security wise, but I gather it is like a chink in the armour a weakness that could infect other devices of people who do not care for customisation.

    Also a word to those out there that jailbreak to remove ads from aps. If you don’t like ads in an app either pay for the app or don’t use it. Developers, designers and others spend much time and effort creating apps for your use. If you can’t afford a few dollars for an app, then how can you afford to have a smartphone in the first place?

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