How to Get the LG Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Galaxy Note 2, and Other Wallpapers of Interest

LG Nexus 4


One thing that you have to love about Android is its numerous smartphones and tablets. No matter which tablet or smartphone you prefer, there are others that you have an interest to purchase as well. Financially, purchasing each smartphone and tablet will break your pockets; as a result, you decide to buy one or two devices and stick with those. What would you say, however, if I told you that you could own the wallpapers found on the other Android devices that you are not able to afford?

That’s right; you no longer have to sit around looking at devices you do not have, wishing you could own the neat wallpaper that graces the device screens. The key to finding the right wallpapers to add to your Android smartphone or tablet involves knowing how to search for them.

Do you secretly covet the Google-LG Nexus 4? You can download LG Nexus 4 themes from the Google Play store by searching for them at the Google Play Store under the search term “Nexus 4 wallpapers”. Here are the wallpapers you will find:

  • Yellow triangular background
  • Blue and green triangular background
  • Pink and yellow triangular background
  • Nexus 10 live wallpaper
  • Jelly Bean theme
  • Galaxy Nexus theme


Nexus Wave Theme

The triangular backgrounds are welcome wallpaper on an Android device because they bring out the color contrast (light color, dark color). The Nexus 10 live wallpaper will intrigue those of you who want to touch your screen and see little shocks of light appear in a certain area when you touch your screen. Although the Nexus 10 live wallpaper is a joy to see on your smartphone or tablet screen, it is a battery guzzler: 5% of your battery is drained when you make it the wallpaper on your screen. The Nexus 10 wallpaper that comes with the LG Nexus 4 theme does not sparkle when you touch it, similar to the Nexus Wave (live wallpaper) available to you from your smartphone’s wallpaper selection. The Jelly Bean theme features the colors of green, pink, and others that constitute the many colors of “jelly beans”.

Galaxy Note II Theme

There are other cool Android OS wallpapers that you can get on your smartphone or tablet screen. One such example is the Galaxy Note II wallpaper theme that comes with a large feather (with other tiny feathers floating around in the background). Place this wallpaper theme on your smartphone and others will think that you own a Galaxy Note II when you own a Samsung Galaxy S3!

While the LG Nexus 4 wallpaper app comes with only one Galaxy Nexus theme, there is an app that provides a few Galaxy Nexus themes for those who like to return to the “old school” Galaxy days. Just perform a search for “Galaxy Nexus wallpaper” at the Google Play Store, and a few wallpaper screens will appear.

Galaxy Nexus Theme

Last but not least, my search for Android OS wallpapers took me to a theme that is not part of the Android OS lineup but is one that I think you should own. The theme is called “Digital Matrix” and it provides code in green and red that will make people believe your smartphone is the digital entrance into “The Matrix”! I think that computer programmers would really impress with digital matrix themes on their smartphones or tablets.

Digital Matrix Theme

If you are tired of the same pre-installed themes on your phone and are looking for something more, look no further than your local Google Play. I will caution you, though: take heed to reader reviews that tell you a given theme is a battery-drainer. Trust me, you will want to thank them and warn others later.