Galaxy Frame and Galaxy Young Duos Headed for MWC 2013

Galaxy Frame Panel

(Credit: Made-in-China)

Samsung is always inventing new smartphones that cater to all walks of life, backgrounds, and interests. The Samsung Galaxy Grand was announced earlier this week; as of yesterday, two more Samsung smartphones look to emerge on the tech scene in 2013: the Samsung Galaxy Frame and the Galaxy Young Duos.

The Galaxy Frame is the first device called by this name, but we should not be surprised that Samsung is doing this. The Korean manufacturer did the same thing when it emerged with the Galaxy Beam some time ago – a smartphone that is known more for the beaming light that plays movies and videos on home walls rather than its specifications. Registered as product GT-S6810, the smartphone will have a mid-range price for customers who are looking for something more than the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Mini (who only have 3.15 megapixel cameras, and 480 x 320 screen resolution displays). As of now, it is said that the phone could be an entry-level device for new smartphone users who have waited until now to jump into the smartphone market. The new Premium Suite Upgrade has a function devoted to consumers who intend to own a smartphone for the first time, demonstrating that Samsung’s newest models intend to incorporate new users into the smartphone way of life without overwhelming them or scaring them away.

With regard to the specifications of the Galaxy Frame, there are a number of opinions that vary widely across the board. BGR says the phone could have a 5-megapixel camera, but Times of India seems to believe that the phone will have mediocre specs: 2-4GB of internal memory storage with a 32GB micro-SD card slot and have less than a 4-inch diagonal viewing screen. If Times of India is correct about its predictions, the phone could sell for approximately the price of the Samsung Galaxy Axiom – a phone that will sell for $80 at US Cellular with a two-year contract agreement. The Galaxy Frame is said to be ready for sale in “Pearl White,” although other colors may be added as MWC draws closer. The phone will be put on the market immediately after MWC (February 2013).

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) will also feature the advent of the Samsung Galaxy Young Duos, registered as product GT-S6312. It is not the same as the current Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102). The Young Duos will come as a dual-SIM smartphone and, like the Galaxy Frame, will run Android 4.1 or 4.2 (likely to be 4.1) as opposed to the Galaxy Y Duos’s Android 2.3 platform (Gingerbread). The dual-SIM smartphone will come in the colors of white and “greyish blue” (?) and may even see a single-SIM version by year’s end.

Right now, there is a small amount of information available on these two new smartphones, similar to information on the flexible smartphone Samsung looks to produce in the new year. All we can know for sure at this point is that these two phones look to make a splash in the market next year – no matter how large or small.