Flipboard Finally Comes To 10 Inch Android Tablets

Flipboard for Android tablets

Flipboard, the highly popular news and social media aggregation app is now available for Android tablets. Now anyone with a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, GALAXY Tab series, Nexus 10 or any other Android tablet for that matter will be able to enjoy their daily dose of news, blogs, social updates and more on Flipboard.

“With the new devices that Samsung, Amazon and others have brought to market in the recent months, we see the adoption of Android tablets growing quickly,” said Eric Alexander, Head of International Development at Flipboard. “As more people buy Android tablets for themselves or others over the holidays, we wanted to make sure Flipboard is part of their tablet experience and deliver on a top request from our readers.”

Flipboard, which collects news updates, website articles, blogs, social media updates and more and turns them into a magazine style reader was launched for Android smartphones only earlier this year. However, the app had only been available for use on Android smartphones till now. While smaller Android tablets like the Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook HD were able to use Flipboard, it was still only the smartphone version. The tablet exclusive version on the other hand has been optimized for use on full sized tablets of varying resolutions and those who are already using the smartphone version on 7 inch tablets can upgrade to the tablet version if they prefer.

The tablet version of Flipboard has been optimized for varying screen sizes and different aspect ratios. More screen real estate also means users will be able to save more  ‘favorite’ tiles on screen and be able to see more of the excerpts. Flipboard should be particularly good with Samsung tablets since the app developers have worked with Samsung over the past year.

The primary reason Android tablets have been lagging behind the iPad is due to the lack of tablet optimized applications. For Android tablets to truly take away the game from the iPad more apps need to be developed exclusively for Android tablets. Flipboard is certainly a major step forward.