Extra Juice: Extended Batteries for Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Do you get frustrated with your battery performance? It is no secret that smartphone batteries tend to drain faster as they age. Smartphones require a great deal of energy to operate games, screen motions, live wallpaper, Wi-Fi, apps, 4GLTE, and other utilities. The more operations you use at once, the greater the battery life you will need. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S3 failed in this department when Samsung placed a mere 2,100mAh battery into the hottest-selling smartphone of 2012. Despite the small-life battery, there are extended batteries that will increase your phone time and allow you to continue watching YouTube movies and playing the games to which you are addicted.

Samsung GS3 3,000mAh extended battery

First on the list of extended batteries is Samsung’s very own 3,000-mAh extended battery, up 900mAh from the original battery. According to TalkAndroid, the battery should last a full day for heavy users and two days for mild users. Keep in mind that battery tests performed on extended batteries are subjective and the results may vary in your situation. One such situation that may vary battery life on a daily basis is the activities you perform on the phone. You may watch movies on your smartphone or surf the Web on 4G speeds one day, then do nothing on your phone the next. Some live wallpaper may “gobble” up your battery life, while other motionless wallpapers are harmless and do little to nothing to hurt your battery life. Games also differ, as well; each game has a different battery-guzzling ability. The battery does, however, require a larger back casing; do not worry—Samsung’s got that covered as well. You will receive a new back casing with your extended battery. Samsung’s 3000mAh extended battery is available for pre-order now, although the extended battery will be available for retail store purchase on January 5, 2013 for $65 or 49 euros. Right now, the extended battery will come in blue and white, though Samsung made add additional colors in the near future.

Mugen Power 4,600mAh extended battery for Galaxy S3

Third-party companies also supply extended batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Mugen Power has emerged with its 3.8V, 4,600mAh lithium-ion extended battery pack for the Galaxy S3, providing a lot more battery life than Samsung’s 3,000mAh counterpart. While the current 2,100mAh battery provided nearly 12 hours of 3G talk time, the 4,600mAh battery will provide almost 26 hours of talk time—an increase of over 200% (2.19 times) more talk time capacity with the 4,600mAh extended battery than with the 2,100mAh battery. While it has an impressive battery life, it is twice as thick as the original battery (5mm vs. 10mm thick, respectively), so you will need to make use of Mugen Power’s back casing in order to fit the battery comfortably into the smartphone. The Mugen Power “monster” battery and back case is currently available for $87.95.

While both batteries do the job for the avid gamer and smartphone user, they make it less likely that you will find a protective case for your smartphone. Instead, the Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case is a much better solution—containing both a large battery and protective case, all in one. The Mophie battery case works the same way as a 2,300mAh extended battery. Thus, your battery power could end up being 4,400mAh – just 200mAh shy of what Mugen’s extended battery provides. Where Mophie surpasses Mugen, however, is in the area of size and protective covering. You will struggle to find a protective case for the Mugen battery, but your Galaxy S3 will fit comfortably into the Mophie extended battery case. The Mophie case ships in 1 to 2 days and costs $99.95 plus shipping and handling.

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  1. Harold,

    Thanks so much for writing in to Student News. Let me first say that you are going to LOVE your Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the things you may want to do first with the phone is turn on some of your cool options. To do this, click on the page icon at the bottom left of your phone (invisible, though near the home button). You can then go to “settings” on the popup window, which will bring you to all the bells and whistles of your phone. From the settings section, you can learn things about your device, such as how much memory storage you have remaining, as well as your data usage. You can also activate something called “developer options,” which lets you do things such as keep the phone awake when it is charging. The “motion” section of your settings will allow you to catch alerts when you miss them (such as messages and calls). One cool feature in the motions section that I have activated is what is called “palm swipe to capture,” a hand motion. This allows you to capture anything on your screen in the form of a picture by simply swiping your hand from left to right across the screen. The screenshot gets saved in your notifications and gallery so that you can revisit it anytime.

    There is more, but this sections setting should be enough to at least get you some familiarity with your phone. Write back if you need any help. Congrats on getting your S3, and I hope you enjoy it for days to come.-Deidre

  2. This is a new phone for me and the more I k now the better. Ijust got the users manuel. Any info. I Can get outside of the manuel would be greatly appreciated.

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