Camouflaging Time: Chameleon Clock App for IOS


Have you ever wanted to hide the real time and pretend that it was 3am instead of 8pm? Many employees would like to roll back the clock and give themselves more work time when they need to get things done and feel as though time is against them. The clock in question, however, does camouflage time – but does so in a different way. It “hides” time in the background by
merging it with its surroundings.

The Chameleon Clock app provides a few customizations to make your clock more or less visual in the background. First, you can touch the time to turn it black or white, to make it more or less visual. If you want to add special effects, you can swipe up or down to enhance either the time or hide it behind the background color. When you swipe up or down to enhance or decrease the time, you will see an arrow that stretches from brightest to darkest. Depending on the color you prefer (black or white time numbers), the color will turn from bright white or dark black to dark grey.

There are two other options with regard to your Chameleon clock app. One additional option involves what is known as “chameleon mode,” an option that allows the time page on your screen to blend in with your surroundings (what a chameleon does). I tried out the chameleon mode with my lamplight in the background, and the color of the page changed according to the light color at the time (to match my color transition light bulbs).  Chameleon mode has an alternative, a “live mode” that allows your time page to blend into the real-time background of your room. For example, I tried to blend my clock into a picture of my computer and landed the photo experiment above. You can try it with more gorgeous scenes than my apartment and get better results (even with a large wall poster of Hawaii, the clock app will look amazing).

If you are lost and want information on how to operate your chameleon clock app, just select the small “i” at the bottom right of the clock screen. When you do, you will see a “Chameleon Clock” instruction page pop up on your iPad screen. The instructions are there to help you if, at any time, you do not remember what to do. The benefit of the app is that you can make your time blend into your current background and present the idea that your iPad screen is “transparent”. It would be nice, however, if the iPad app could present you with pictures of gorgeous scenes that could match up with the color of your current background (a beach or mountain scene that would change colors according to the background color). A slideshow of beach, mountain, and landscape scenes that change based upon the color of your tile floor (green, wood, etc.) would put the application to excellent use.

The Chameleon clock app is available for both iPad and the iPhone 5 at the App Store for 99 cents. While it is not a perfect app, it is a unique one. Future updates to this application should make an excellent app even better.