Boost Mobile Will Throttle Data Speeds Post 2.5GB Usage


Mobile broadband or mobile data as it is known, is used widely around the world. In the U.S, carriers like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T have their own 4G LTE networks which have plenty of users. But as we know, Sprint was late to the 4G LTE party with Verizon and AT&T having a wide reach of the 4G LTE network. Sprint however is popular for its unlimited data plans, which continued even with the 4G LTE plans. However, we might have to omit the word “unlimited” from Sprint’s subsidiary, Boost Mobile which also offers unlimited data plans.

Boost Mobiles just announced on its Facebook page that it won’t be offering fully unlimited data speeds as it intends to throttle speeds. Boost Mobile’s unlimited plans from January 2013 will be throttled post the 2.5GB usage limit. Users will be alerted when they reach 85% of their monthly allotted data usage and once the limit is reached, the data speeds will be cut down to 256 kbps (3G). This is bad news for Boost Mobile owners, and will certainly make them think twice about remaining with the carrier. The normal data speeds will be restored once the next billing cycle resumes. The company on its official Facebook page, said the following – “Starting on or about 1/20/13, Monthly Unlimited plans will offer 2.5GB/month of full speed network data but will slow to 3G speeds of 256kbps for continued data use after 2.5GB. Customers that go over the 2.5GB threshold may experience slower page loads, file downloads and streaming media. Data speeds will restore to full 3G/4G speeds when a customer’s new monthly plan begins.”

The carrier further downplayed the whole thing by mentioning that 2.5GB is a lot of data and “ONLY A SMALL PERCENTAGE” of Boost subscribers will cross that limit. A spokeswoman for Sprint said this move was in motion since last year when the HTC EVO Design 4G was launched. Many feel this new data limit has been set due to the introduction of new 4G LTE smartphones for Boost subscribers. So will Sprint head in the same direction probably next year? It’s hard to say, but many already think so. Boost Subscribers have never really been experiencing high speeds anyways, so there have been plenty of users who have ditched the network. The network gets decent speeds only in some areas of the country. So not sure if this will make as big an impact. But it seems like we’ll see more users switching networks now.

Source: Boost Mobile – Facebook
Via: Android Central, Fierce Wireless