Will.i.am Launches i.am+ Camera Case For iPhone

After Dr.Dre’s venture into the tech world with his Beats by Dr.Dre branded headphones its time for yet another pop artist to put his name behind a new tech product. The artist this time around is Black Eyed Peas artist Will.i.am and the product is an iPhone camera accessory named i.am+ foto.sosho. And yes, its ‘fashionably’ expensive.

The person behind the product is former CEO of Fusion Garage Chandra Rathakrishnan and the product he has conceived this time is a sort of camera case which turns the iPhone into a point and shoot of sorts. At present two models have been launched, which will go on sale starting from 6th of December – foto.sosho C.4 and foto.sosho V.4. Both these camera cases will fit only on an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and the asking price is £199 and £299 respectively.

Here is what you get for that price:

foto.sosho C.4: A camera case which comes with macro, fish-eye and clear glass interchangeable lenses, a flash unit and camera grip. The case will be available in black and white colours.

foto.sosho V.4: For hundred pounds more this models comes with an additional, slide out QWERTY keyboard that connects through Bluetooth. Available colour options will be white and gold or black and silver.

It is also to be understood that your iPhone will no longer be recognizable as an iPhone, but rather as an odd looking point and shoot camera.

The team will also be releasing a version of the case for iPhone 5, namely foto.sosho V.5 and L.5, which they say is “coming soon”. The case for the iPhone 5 is a bit more ambitious and will in fact replace the iPhone’s camera with its own 14 megapixel sensor and 5x optical zoom unit.

So, if you own an iPhone and do not mind spending a couple of hundred pounds for fish-eye and wide angle lenses then you can go ahead and buy one at Selfridges, London.


Via: Engadget