StickNFind Lets You Find Things You Lose Often

We all tend to misplace small things like car keys and remotes or lose our cats once in awhile, if it decides to have an adventure. But for some people, unfortunately, the problem is so regular and so severe that it drives them to the border of insanity. Help is here for exactly such people. Enter StickNFind, a startup that uses technology to find things (living and nonliving), making it a whole lot easier – and fun.

StickNFind is currently on Indigo, trying to reach a goal of $70,000. Being a “Flexible Funding Campaign” all the contributed money will go to the company even if the goal is not reached.

Coming back to what StickNFind is, it is a small chip that is housed inside a 4.1mm thin plastic tablet the size of a coin, which can stick to any object like a sticker. StickNFind uses Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit signals to a smartphones or tablet PCs, which can be picked up on a dedicated app. The idea is simple. Stick it on to your TV remote or thread it into your keychain using an available key ring mounting plate, or sling it around the neck your pet cat. The smartphone app then picks up the signal from each StickNFind sticker in a radar style display. If you are unable to find your object just pick up your phone and go hunting for lost object – just like in an adventure movie.

StickNFind comes with a feature called “virtual leash”. Any sticker that is on virtual leash will trigger a signal on your smartphone if it gets too far from your phone. This will also work in reverse and the app notifies you if a sticker comes into range. Also, in case you pick up your keys, with the sticker on, but forget your phone the buzzer on the sticker will go off, reminding you to pick up your phone.

Another way to put these stickers to good use is to stick them on your luggage. While at the airport your smartphone will automatically notify you once your luggage is in range so you don’t have to wait and keep looking for luggage constantly.

SticknFind stickers have a range of about 100 feet and uses replaceable CR2020 watch battery, which will last up to a year. Up to 20 stickers can be picked up by the StickNFind app.

Early bird adapters will get you two stickers for $35, while a contribution of $150 will get you 15 stickers.



Source: indiegogo