Lenovo Claims Top Spot in Global Personal Computer Market

Chinese computer company Lenovo became the holder of the top spot in the list of global leaders in the consumer and notebook personal computer market, the company announced on Thursday.

Despite the continuous decline of sales in the PC market, Lenovo recorded 15.6 percent share from July to September, which is the highest in company’s history.

In announcement, Lenovo declared: “Lenovo became the worldwide number one consumer and notebook PC company in fiscal quarter two and remained as the largest PC company in emerging markets, including China. Lenovo has continued its strong and balanced growth momentum. Our global PC market share reached another historic high, moving us closer to our dream of becoming the worldwide PC leader. Lenovo’s overall profitability will continue to improve.”

Lenovo, who is known for creating the business-type laptop brand ThinkPad, also announced that their July to September net profit increases by 13 percent, from $143.9 million last year to $162.1 million this year. The revenue of the company rose from $7.79 billion a year ago to $8.67 this year, an 11 percent increase.

This is a remarkable feat considering the current weakening state of the PC market due to the influx of mobile phones and tablets, which are now used by most people for their internet needs.

Lenovo said: “Lenovo grew in spite of challenges in the worldwide PC market impacted by the weakening macro environment and product transition. The group recorded 17 percent year-on-year unit shipments growth during the interim period against the global PC market decline at five percent, according to preliminary industry estimates.”

Research firm Gartner also conducted a survey that proves the continuous improvement of Lenovo in the current PC market. According to the Gartner survey, Lenovo controls 15.7 percent of the overall PC market, outperforming HP with 15.5 percent and Dell with 10.5 percent global market share.

Dell was closely followed by Taiwanese companies Acer and Asus with 9.8 and 7.3 percent global market share, respectively.