Are You Ready For Touch Less Gestures On Windows 8?

A Norway based startup called Elliptic Labs has some big plans for the tech industry. The company has developed a proprietary technology that will let almost any electronic device capable of understanding gestures, work with touch less gestures. The company has announced their new technology and is envisioning a future where every manufacturer incorporates the feature into their devices. And the first step is to bring it to Windows 8 operating PCs.

The first thing that might come to your mind is that such a technology already exists, in the form of Microsoft’s Kinect and even some high end Samsung HD television sets. What sets this new technology apart from existing tech is that they all work by the way of image processing – using cameras. The touch less gesture control developed by Elliptic Labs on the other hand uses ultrasound and microphones. According to Morhan Kjolebakken, product manager Elliptic Labs, their technology is thus more responsive and also works in total darkness.

At present the company is introducing a system that has been programmed with touchless gestures corresponding to each of the touch gestures understood by Windows 8. The company is also providing software development kits to developers and programmers to encourage them to incorporate their softwares with the new tech and a start kit that consists of the required tools to incorporate the technology into existing consumer electronics.

Elliptic Labs is already in talks with several companies to bring out products with their technology built into it and it believes that due to the simplicity of integrating the tech into existing products we will start seeing touchless gesture capable devices in about a year’s time. The only additional hardware required to use touchless gestures are “ultrasonic transducers” and some microphones.

Morhan Kjolebakken says, while the at present the plan is to bring the touchless gesture control to Windows 8 based PCs and laptops, but soon enough even tablets will be equipped with this and even in automobiles in the not too distant future.

I suppose playing Fruit Ninja is going to a lot of fun in the future.