Top Five Non-Game Android Apps in September 2012

A number of incredible non-game Android apps ascended in the Google Play library last month but not all of them have lured interest from the Android public. Nevertheless, a few of these apps managed to do so. Five of the best Android non-game applications appearing on top of the Google play store in September include Sky Motion, Fantasy Premier League 2012-13, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Awareness! HD for Etymotic and Zeebox.

5. Sky Motion. The Sky Motion is an amateur weather app, and one of the exclusive North American Apps available for Android smartphones. As the name implies, the app is primarily used to predict weather conditions for the next two hours, at best. It claims to know precisely when precipitation starts and ends in a specific location, across the US and Canada. It provides Android users with valuable weather information to help them decide whether to go out or not.

4. Fantasy Premier League 2012-13. This is a must-have app for those who are playing England’s official Fantasy Premier League competition. Android offers such an app that allows users perform the usual stuff they do in the online game, like choosing a team per week, monitor their performances and status, as well as moving players in and out from their team.

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Also known as GBK, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen app is known to be a UK-focused app. The main highlights of this Android application are the challenges and rewards, taking some FourSquare features including achievement badges, besides the free food and drink promised to its loyal users.

2. Awareness! HD for Etymotic. This app is exclusive for Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet device. When the tablet’s microphone detects a disturbing noise, it automatically lowers the music, movies, or a game’s volume. This allows users listen to their surroundings, loud and clear.

1. Zeebox. Just being launched in the US last week, Zeebox is yet the coolest, second-screen TV companion app with a boost from Comcast and HBO. This app is not foreign in the UK, of course. Its embedded customized TV Guide helps both iOS and Android users decide on which channel to watch, and share social collector. It also provides tweets for a specific show, relevant links and contents. Its main catch is the “Open Box” API and tags which permit content providers customize their viewers’ experience.

Having tasted their own share of last month’s non-game applications from the Google Play store, members of the Android community are now ready to embrace more fresh apps to roll out this month. As yet, a few new apps are already listed in Google’s Play market, including a must-have app for mobile gamers called the Applorer as well as the Screen Filter.

More interesting Android apps are expected to populate the Google Play library in the days to come.